27.1.2014. – e-novine: Minorities with Vucic

27.1.2014. – e-novine: Minorities with Vucic

Few minority parliamentary parties announced announcement regarding the decision of Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) about early parliamentary elections. Representatives of Roma, Bosnians and Macedonians welcomed decision of vice-premier Aleksandar Vucic, while highlighting that elections are opportunity for new political chapter and continuance of accelerated Euro-integrations of Serbia, at the same time best solution for citizens too.

Roma party forwarded public announcement, and it was signed by presidents of Roma Party Srdjan Sajn, Bosnian’s National Party Mujo Mukovic and Democratic Party of Macedonians Mile Spirovski.

Source: http://www.e-novine.com/srbija/vesti/97863-Manjine-Vuia.html


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