22.5.2014, NIAR – Ana Dalipovski about party’s convention Power of Roma of Croatia

22.5.2014, NIAR – Ana Dalipovski about party’s convention Power of Roma of Croatia

President for the realization of Roma integration in EU in Croatia Ana Dalipovski, who participate in front of the party Power of Roma of Croatia on the forthcoming elections for European Parliament, today delivered in written form to Journalistic-informative agency of Roma convention of its program.

On that ocassion, Mrs. Dalipovski highlighted that the issue of socialization and participation of Roma in all forms of public life is one of key issues of our joint future in the Republic of Croatia. I would say that it is necessary that mentioned political party, namely political representatives of Roma in Croatia foremost go out with one attitude regarding that issue, and to check what’s the status of political will within Roma. No-one should say to me that it’s hard to achieve that, because I believe that it’s possible to put in one sentence question and to give an answer. How do Roma see themselves in Croatia? Does they see themselves as equal people or they see themselves in some other way, and after that they should come out to publicity with one attitude. That attitude is that Roma in Croatia should organize themselves not only politically but also they should organize themselves culturally and economically. Sec0nd, what’s important is that they connect themselves with its diaspora in Europe. That diaspora can do a lot, those are people who know how one European civilization function in which we all live together.



o partijskoj konvenciji Snaga Roma Hrvatske

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