29.5.2014, Beta – Roma and women the most discriminated

29.5.2014, Beta – Roma and women the most discriminated

Commissioner for protection of equality Nevena Petrusic said on Thursday that from the angle of citizens Roma and women are the most discriminated and that it’s worrying that one fifth members of bodies of authority don’t know that in Serbia discrimination is forbidden.

While presenting the report for 2013 on Assembly of Serbia’s Board for human and minority’s rights and gender equality, Petrusic said that results of research amongst citizens had shown that there is a great predisposition for discrimination towards LGBT population and members of smaller religious communities and that the greatest ethnic distance is towards Albanians, Croats, Bosnians and Roma.

Source: http://www.beta.rs/?tip=article&kategorija=vestiizzemlje&ida=3073340&id=&ime=


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