13.6.2014, romareact.org – Let’s stop segregation!

13.6.2014, romareact.org – Let’s stop segregation!

The participants from the European Project Young Roma Civic Advocates went to Czech Republic at the end of May, attending to a very interesting journalism training course. The young Roma participants learned many useful tools about how to manage digital platforms for publishing news and reports, related to The Roma cause during the training, but maybe the biggest experience was a little bit different and digital stuff don´t have to do anything with it.

During the trip the youngers where invited to visit a very poor city 200 km far from Prague. Usti Nad Labem was the name of this city where corruption and the economic crisis are directly related with the poverty and the situation that citizens have to face day by day.

But in this case, situation for Roma people in Usti Nad Labem is worst than ever. Segregation is the system that the government from this city is using against Roma. Once again, our community is a problem for politicians and other citizens and the ghetto is their solution.

Source (English language): http://www.romareact.org/news/view/1866

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