7.7.2014, NIAR – Rajko Djuric about history of Roma art

7.7.2014, NIAR – Rajko Djuric about history of Roma art

Prof Dr Rajko Djuric expressed today in talk with NIAR’s editor Bajram Haliti his sights on the history of Roma art: “Roma art is of newer date. Roma resisted to numerous persecutions and survived great devastations. When they came to themselves, they started thinking about life on long term and with this thinking appeared first Roma artists – poets, painters, graphic designers, sculptors, theater directors and actors. Poets, like it usually happens, were the loudest. Back in XIX century appeared Adam Tikno, who may be regarded as the founder of Roma poetry and after him appeared entire group of Roma poets in USSR – Aleksandro Germano, Nina Aleksandrovic Pankov, editor of magazine “Nevo drom”, his wife, Olga, then Nikolay Satkevic, after them Iljko Mazuro and, especially, Aleksandar Belugin, who published poetry under Roma name Leksa Manuš” – concluded Dr Djuric.


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