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3.6.2014, ECRI – Council of Europe’s Anti-Racism Commission publishes conclusions on the implementation of its priority recommendations in respect of Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Lithuania, Monaco and Serbia

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) today published conclusions on the implementation of a number of priority recommendations made in its country reports on Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Lithuania, Monaco and Serbia which had been released in 2011. In its report on Serbia (fourth monitoring cycle) published on 31 May 2011,  ECRI recommended that the Serbian authorities strengthen the institution ... Read More »

3.6.2014, NIAR – Bajram Haliti proposed establishing of the Union of Roma employers

For sake of economic strengthening of Roma nation, Bajram Haliti, editor in chief of “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma” proposed today establishing of the separate advisory body UNION OF ROMA EMPLOYERS, which will be authorized to, within the IMF, World Bank, UN’s and EU’s bodies and relevant agencies obtain for Roma employers privileges in the area of taxes, customs and other ... Read More »

3.6.2014, NIAR – Hate speech is having for objective exclusion of minorities from public life

Hate speech may be considered with manipulated misunderstanding as the strategy of mastery. Strategy of hate speech is not only published content that radiates with discriminatory messages filled with stereotypes and prejudices towards other and different ones, but it’s having for objective exclusion of minorities from public life. It might be also considered that non-disclosure of any information is in ... Read More »

3.6.2014, Politika – CoE criticizes Romania for poor Roma integration

Strategy of Roma integration in Romania encounters difficulties due to lack of money and political will on local level, assessed today Council of Europe (CoE). CoE’s Board against racism and intolerance expressed regret because of “almost complete lack of national budget that should be allocated for the strategy of Roma inclusion”. Romanian national budget relies mostly on funding from European ... Read More »

3.6.2014, Radio Slobodna Evropa – Mostar: Long-term consequences for children of segregation in education

Segregation and discrimination in schools across the Bosnia and Herzegovina leave long-term consequences on children, representatives of non-government sector and international organizations in this country are warning. They claim that causes for that condition should be looked in constitutional arrangement of Bosnia and Herzegovina too, for which they say that it’s developed on inherited discrimination. Opposed to that, battle with ... Read More »

3.6.2014, – Civil society platform for negotiations about EU accession

In rooms of Medija centar on 6th June at 11h will be held a press conference related to the presentation of Declaration about joint civil society platform for monitoring the negotiations process about accession of Serbia to European Union (EU), as the basis for further activity of civil society and all interested parties in the process of negotiating about accession ... Read More »

3.6.2014, – Councilor Medjimorec moved in at Roma for one day

Gordana Medjimorec, county’s councilor, professor of informatics in Gymnasium and member of the council for gender equality accepted the challenge of Franjo Horvat, president of Roma association Step by step and on Thursday spent 24 hours with residents of Roma settlement Autoput. Krizevci’s resident who defends colors of Labour party in the County assembly didn’t think twice even for a ... Read More »

3.6.2014, The Huffington Post – Roma Youth Get Organized

It wasn’t easy to find Kecerovce. I missed the turnoff on the road leading out of Kosice, the main city in eastern Slovakia. One of the clerks at the gas station where I stopped for directions had never heard of the place, and the other one didn’t know how to get there. I eventually retraced my steps, found the right ... Read More »

3.6.2014, – Commission presents long list of recommendations for Hungary

The European Commission has adopted a series of economic policy recommendations to individual Member States to strengthen the recovery that began a year ago. The recommendations are based on detailed analyses of each country’s situation and provide guidance on how to boost growth, increase competitiveness and create jobs in 2014-2015. The list of recommendations for Hungary is long. It addresses ... Read More »

2.6.2014, NIAR – Right on full and impartial informing on mother language

This right, which is also guaranteed by Constitution, is legally determined with article 17 of Law about minorities’ protection. In Serbia, public informing is being realized, besides Serbian language, on Hungarian, Slovakian, Romanian, Russin, Roma, Croatian, Ukrainian, Czech, German, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Vlach and Bunjev’s langauge too. In Republic of Serbia there are approx. 160 printed and electronic medias, who ... Read More »