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16.1.2014. – EurActiv: Calls for projects for Roma settlements

Mission of Organization for European Security and Cooperation (OESC), which is realizing the project “Technical support for Roma inclusion”, announces two public calls for engagement of implementing partners. Full texts of calls are available on following links: Source: Read More »

16.1.2014. – Telegraf: Women and children the most often victims of trafficking in Serbia

The greatest number of victims is connected with sexual exploitation, but also there are recorded cases of trafficking due to the forced labor, criminal and illegal adoption. Women makes 43 percent of victims of trafficking in Serbia and children 42 percent, while the greatest number of cases is connected with prostitution, it’s stated in report of Council of Europe’s Action ... Read More »

16.1.2014. – RTS: Help for Roma

Last year in two separate fires burned seven houses in Roma settlement and wooden barrack in which lived displaced persons from Kosovo. Causes for both fires were faulty installations. Roma got from municipality financial help, and displaced persons got temporary housing. Five months ago burnt and bare walls, now new houses, unfinished. Seven Roma families has roof over the head, ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – Britain delays migration report

The British government has delayed a report on the impact of immigration, Prime Minister David Cameron‘s spokesman confirmed on Wednesday, after reports that it painted too positive a picture. EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso warned against “scaremongering” in the debate on freedom of movement within the bloc, which has flared up in some member states, including Britain, as limits ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – BBC: Brussels calls on EU states to tackle extremism

The European Commission has called on EU states to do more to pre-empt violent extremism, warning that it is fuelling terrorism. Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said in a speech that no EU state had been spared from the threat. While foreign terrorism had affected Europeans, she pointed out, some Europeans had also travelled abroad to commit terrorist acts. Hundreds of young ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – Czech Republic – Trials continue in Duchcov scandals

Last Thursday and Friday the court in Teplice reviewed last year’s crusade by four Romani people in Duchcov who were seeking bloody revenge for an anti-Romani demonstration organized there and who ended up injuring two evidently randomly selected antagonists one night. No verdict has yet been announced. More witnesses are scheduled to give testimony in the case. The next hearing ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – Support of EU for civil society in following years too

European Union will in next budget cycle 2014-2012 too support financially and politically organizations of civil society in the process of accession, with brunt on the creation of supportive environment and construction of capacity of civil society organizations. In proposal of directions for EU’s support for civil society in countries in the process of accession is stated that Union shouldn’t ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – RTCG: 62 flats for Roma will be constructed in Niksic

Niksic will, by construciton of 62 flats for Roma, be the first municipality that will be solving in this year housing issue for that population with regional project that was made for Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, announced minister for human and minorities’ rights Suad Numanovic. He, after discussion with mayor of Niksic Veselin Grbovic, specified that from ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – RTV: Beker – Medias are discriminating Roma

Assistant of Trustee for equality protection Kosana Beker said today that the greatest number of complaints within a year arrive due to cases that are related to the discrimination of Roma, which is among the rest represented in medias too. “It’s not the issue so much in terms that are being applied in medias but the much greater issue is ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – Vesti Online: Our true mask for money laundering

“It’s possible that individuals are abusing position by hiding behind the story about minorities’ rights. Many of them hide behind non-government organizations that are allegedly dealing with Roma rights, but that doesn’t help us but only additionally aggravates the situation”, said for “Vesti” Srdjan Sajn, president and one of the founders of Roma party, while commenting the intention of Novi ... Read More »