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21.1.2014. – Vecernje Novosti: Marking of 72nd anniversary of Novi Sad raid begins

With exhibition “Icy silence” Cultural center of Novi Sad will begin today a three-day marking of 72nd anniversary of Novi Sad raid. It’s about remembrance on the most tragic happening in modern history of city, in which had been killed or thrown under the Danube ice more than 1,300 Jews and Serbs. Raid in south Backa is name for the ... Read More »

21.1.2014. – Czech suspect says Romani victim must have stabbed himself to death

The Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem began hearing testimony on 20 January 2014 in the case of Stanislav Sýkora, who faces charges of racially motivated grievous bodily harm. Sýkora has testified that he is not guilty and that he believes the Romani victim caused his own injuries, of which he later died. The incident occured on 24 May 2013 ... Read More »

21.1.2014. – The Journal: Mike Kelly – Pride, prejudice and why we’re all gadgies to the Roma community

Mike Kelly reports on how the Roma on Tyneside are integrating into the community. There was a grim irony about the fact that, as we approach Holocaust Memorial Day in Britain, the Roma community yet again found itself in the firing line of prejudice. At New Year, restrictions on citizens of Romania and Bulgaria working in EU countries were lifted. ... Read More »

21.1.2014. – Independent: ‘Politics before people’: EU leaders have no credibility to pressure other nations on human rights, says Amnesty International head Salil Shetty

The European Union and its member states have no credibility to pressure other nations on human rights while Syrian refugees are languishing unwelcome on its borders, migrants are dying at sea, and the Roma face unacceptable discrimination, the head of Amnesty International said. Speaking to The Independent at the start of a trip to Brussels to lobby EU leaders to ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – BLIC: They are our neighbors too – Best photos about life of Roma in Serbia

Exhibition of best photos about life of Roma in Serbia, collected within the photo – competition “Under the same roof”, will be opened tomorrow at 16:00h in Institution of culture “Parobrod”. “Civil Rights Defenders” organizes exhibition of twelve best photos from the competition about life of Roma in Serbia. Photo – competition “Under the same roof” was realized between 12th ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – Vesti Online: Nazis robbed Roma from Serbia

Seven-member Roma family of Igor U. (32), who originate from Serbia, had been attacked in house in night in village Zere nir Hildesheim, and according to his description in police and Council for refugees, they concluded that robbers were probably neo-Nazis. Igor and his one year older wife Hermina with five kids were settled in the special building that was ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – Dan: They work in utility company on black

Only 12.6 percent of Roma knew to state some initiative or measure that are related to the increase of number of students in schools. More than half of Roma in Montenegro, or 68 percent, believe that their position in society is bad, research called “Attitudes of Roma and Egyptians and other national minorities about Decade of position of Roma and ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – RTV: I didn’t falsely report attack, they are setting me up

Activist for protection of Roma rights and musician Olah Vince announced today that “perfectly set story” is behind the police announcement in which are announced criminal charges against him because allegedly he falsely reported attack on himself. Vince said to journalists that he don’t want to call over anyone because of that specifically, but he added that in multiple occasions ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – Competition opened for award of Belgrade city

City of Belgrade has announced conditions of competition for awarding annual awards in the categories of arts, science, medicine, architecture and urbanism, journalism, education and sport. Award of Belgrade city for heroic act, long-term work and permanent contribution to the development of Belgrade, best farmer, as well the special acknowledgment for extra-ordinary contribution in realization of happenings of significance for ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – Slovakia – Villages burned by Nazis during WWII elect right-wing extremist today

In the Central Slovakian villages of Kľak and Ostrý Grúň, whose inhabitants were massacred during the Second World War, most people are now voting for right-wing extremist Marián Kotleba. The online edition of the Slovak newspaper Sme notes this fact in its commemoration of the massacre, which took place 69 years ago. Kľak and Ostrý Grúň, where the anti-partisan Edelweiss ... Read More »