Archive January 2014

20.1.2014. – Equality – EU rules to tackle discrimination now in place in all 28 EU Member States

European Union rules to tackle discrimination on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation have now been implemented by all Member States in national law. Now, further efforts are needed to apply them in practice. These are the key findings of a new report released by the European Commission recently. Source (English language): ... Read More »

19.1.2014. – Al Jazeera Balkans: European intolerance towards Roma

Across the Europe, feelings of intolerance have extremely strengthened towards immigrants, especially mostly since World War II. Ethnic tensions are the strongest in Central Europe. Roma minority suffers discrimination and strong poverty already for centuries. Laurence Lee visited Slovakia and Hungary, where Roma are the most numerous. This is first out of three series of Al Jazeera’s story in which ... Read More »

19.1.2014. – GA’s research – Roma in Montenegro are jeopardized in general

Roma are in general jeopardized in Montenegro, and authorities aren’t taking required measures for sake of their integration into society, Civic Aliance’s research has shown. Research was performed in period between 1st and 20th December 2013 in Podgorica, Niksic, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Herceg Novi, Kotor, TIvat and Ulcinja. Objective of research was determining the attitudes of Roma and other national ... Read More »

19.1.2014. – Czech Republic – Neo-Nazi bands play secret concert in Prague

The website reports that the neo-Nazi bands Summer Heroes and Violence Station are scheduled to perform this evening in a secret concert at the Na Slamníku restaurant in Prague. The choice of venue is shocking, as the pub has previously been understood as a place for punk or rock music concerts that share a certain esprit du corps with the underground ... Read More »

19.1.2014. – Haaretz: UN chief visits N.Y. synagogue for Holocaust memorial

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined congregants at a New York City synagogue on Saturday to honor those who perished in the Holocaust, pay tribute to the survivors and call for collective action to prevent such horror from happening again. “My hope is that our generation, and those to come, will summon that same sense of collective purpose to prevent ... Read More »

18.1.2014. – Molotov cocktail thrown on Roma house in Borca

“Molotov cocktail” was thrown on house of Roma family in Borca, but no-one was injured, announced yesterday Regional minorities’ center with headquarters in Belgrade. Marko Vasiljevic from that NGO said for Beta agency that assault on Asanovic family in Borca happened in the night between 13rd and 14th January and that police was informed about it, who performed investigation. Regional ... Read More »

18.1.2014. – BH leaders about meeting with Füle – three steps backwards

After meeting of BH leaders and European Commissioner Štefan Füle in Sarajevo, president of the Serbian democratic party (SDS) Mladen Bosic said that he’s convinced that it was not only about the issue of “Sejdic-Finci” verdict, but also about attempt of changing BiH’s Consitution by other bases – relations amongst nations”. – I admire persistence of European Union representatives who ... Read More »

18.1.2014. – Epoch Times: The New Wave of NGOs in Slovakia and East-Central Europe

Is there a perceptible generation gap on social issues like the question of tolerance, or on economic questions? Alena Panikova, Executive Director of the Open Society Foundation in Slovakia: Recently the unemployment rate increased to 14.7 percent. So it’s quite high and a negative development in society. Also, what’s remaining here are these prejudices and hostilities towards others, mostly Roma ... Read More »

18.1.2014. – Roma man ends up in hospital after trying to evade Athens police

A 32-year-old man was under police guard at the Attikon Hospital in Athens over the weekend after an eventful chase with police on Friday night. The Roma man failed to stop his vehicle when police asked him to do so in Piraeus. He then sped off, knocking down two motorcyclists. He also crashed into two police motorbikes. Officers eventually stopped ... Read More »

18.1.2014. – Elections in Slovakia – following the European trend

Marian Kotleba, chief of the ultra-nationalist People´s party – Our Slovakia (LSNS), won the regional elections and has become the governor of Banska Bystrica Self-Governing Region in the central part of the country. His convincing victory was a shock for experts, traditional politicians and also for many common people. otleba is a 36-year-old former high school teacher with master’s degrees ... Read More »