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2.6.2014, – Albania President Pressed Over Roma Property Rights

A group of Roma and human rights organizations gathered on Monday in front of the president’s office and presented a petition with 6,000 signatories, calling on the head of state to return the legislative amendments to parliament. “The law doesn’t provide legal protection for homes that are shacks or little more than shacks, where more than 1,500 families from the ... Read More »

2.6.2014, Newsweek – The Return of the Dictators

It’s a bright spring afternoon in Freedom Square in downtown Budapest. Lampposts are covered with posters for the opposition parties which had contested the European elections last weekend. Protesters are gathering, loudly railing against Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, accusing his right-wing government of lies, dishonesty and hypocrisy. The object of their anger is a half-finished statue, covered with tarpaulins ... Read More »

2.6.2014, OSCE – Teaching of the Roma and Sinti genocide is crucial to addressing discrimination, say participants at OSCE meeting

Teaching about the history of the Roma and Sinti genocide at the hands of the Nazis should be promoted as one element in countering the discrimination Roma communities face today, as well as in order to pay respect for the victims, participants said at an expert meeting in Warsaw on 2 June 2014. The meeting, organized by the OSCE Office ... Read More »

2.6.2014, Morning Star – Anti-Roma Racism Is On The Rise

As the far-right make strides across Europe, DEREK WALL argues that we must take up arms against the routine demonisation of its most discriminated-against minority. Racism often functions as a device used by populist politicians to gather votes. In tough economic times, like the 1930s depression and the current ongoing austerity, racism can be electoral gold for the unscrupulous. If ... Read More »

1.6.2014, NIAR – Bajram Haliti: Rights of Roma nation remain only theory on political agenda

Bajram Haliti, editor-in-chief of “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma”, said today in written form: “As long as the social inclusion and rights of Roma nation remain only the theory on political agenda, then Europe was and remain the progressive and developed place only for people who enjoy access to its rights, but not for Roma. As long as the legislative and ... Read More »

1.6.2014, NIAR – Miranda Wolustranta: Danger from vanishing threatens to Roma language

ERTF’s vice-president Miranda Vuolasranta said in Curricular framework for learning of Roma language that Roma language is a language that is threatened from vanishing, if it’s not going to be protected and financially supported from side of national and international actors and decision makers, and those are: authorities in education, linguistics experts, tutors, authors of educational materials and those ones ... Read More »

1.6.2014, Politika – Why are citizens suspicious towards NGOs?

On rankings list of trust, non-government organizations are on 18th place, according to the research made by NDI and Cesid. 32 percent of citizens have trust to NGOs and 46 percent haven’t. In a research from 2005, with same question, results were similar: 34 percent trusted to NGOs and 48 percent of examinees didn’t have trust. Citizens are having the ... Read More »

1.6.2014, TV Best – Bor: Certificates for human rights protection awarded

Association of citizens “Ominum” from Bor has awarded certificates to students, within the project “To let everyone know”. 16 students between 15 and 30 years were present on lesson, who met with concept of human rights. “Idea about realization of this project resulted from the fact that the value system is jeopardized and that influence of social networks made youth ... Read More »

1.6.2014, – Against Roma ghettos

Municipality Novo Mesto would like to accelerate integration with less number of Roma in classes. Municipality Novo Mesto has, for sake of too great concentration of Roma children in primary school Brsljin, supplemented the strategy for solving of Roma issues. Councilors made decision that, after adoption of decision, two new school districts will be established, and Roma children will be ... Read More »

1.6.2014, RomaReact – Exploiting poor Roma women: the network of illegal surrogate mothers and female egg cells donation

One of the biggest clinic from western Romania gets rich from illegal businesses, say Romanian news. The doctors from “Athena” hospital were selling female egg cells on the black market and they were providing surrogate mothers for infertile couples from Romania and Occident. 3oo Euros is the sum young girls and women were paid for their eggs donation, things that ... Read More »