Comment of Draft Law about national minorities

ESSENCE THE SAME, PROCEDURES CHANGED There is the greatest number of changes in part that defines way and realization of elections for members of national councils, but still aren’t defined conditions for the cases when Council doesn’t work in interest of those ones whom it represent or defining of conditions for premature elections, so that still remains in hands of ... Read More »

Threat from floods is still not gone

IT’S BELGTADE TURN   Top of the flood wave is expected on Friday, 23rd May, but estimates is that risk to see catastrophe is smaller than expected. “Danube is in growth and it affects on the water level of Sava all the way to Obrenovac, while from the other side there are still great amounts of water in the riverbed ... Read More »

Catastrophe of biblical measures hit Serbia

SUMADIJA AS SEA   Obrenovac, Krupanj, Valjevo, Bajina Basta, Drmno, Obrez… those are only some of towns that are hardest struck… Material damage is immeasurable, livestock is decimated… there are human victims… Mlava, Morava, Kolubara, Drina, Sava, Gradac have turned central Serbia into sea by outflowing… Thousands of people are evacuated… Recovery of approx. 4.000km of regional and local roads ... Read More »

Vladana Lilic about Roma education

Obrazovanje je osnovno ljudsko pravo i predstavlja glavni mehanizam društvenog i privrednog razvoja, te mora biti dostupno svim članovima jedne društvene zajednice. Nezaposlenost, siromaštvo, stereotipi i diskriminacija glavni su problemi sa kojima se romska nacionalna zajednica suočava, a obrazovanje je jedini put u punu integraciju romske nacionalne zajednice. Obrazovanje u Republici Srbiji je, bez sumnje, bilo među oblastima društvenog života ... Read More »

7.5.2014, THE ROM IN THE AMERICAS – The Rom in the Americas

Written by: Prepared by: Jorge M. Fernandez Bernal Orfej Haliti THE ROM IN THE AMERICAS1   Growing up as a Rom has been difficult, the racism, hatred, violence, prejudices and discrimination that we face in daily life in some of the countries of this beautiful planet where we live, don’t allow us in many cases to find the place for ... Read More »


Mister Dev, I write to you as to dear friend and an admirer of India. May you be blessed with peace and health from the god you believe in. If you want to inquire about me, I assure you that my soul is in peace and my pshysical health is fine because of your prayers for me, my esteemed friend ... Read More »

Bajram Haliti: There mustn’t be discrimination against Roma

Statement by Bajram Haliti, editor-in-chief of Journalistic-informative agency of Roma   5.2.2014. – NIAR: Editor-in-chief of Journalistic-informative agency of Roma Bajram Haliti welcomed adoption of European Parliament’s Resolution that provides a minimum of standards for Roma on the level of European Union for improvement of difficult Roma position, while saying that it’s the beginning of Roma integration without assimilation and ... Read More »

Issue of inclusion of Roma children to the educational system

Today, at the beginning of 3rd millennium, Roma still aren’t event at the beginning of their emancipation. Still with them is very actual issue of bare survival. Roma, that most devastated, most persecuted, most humiliated nation, left predominantly at the very bottom of life in vast mast of illiterate, uneducated, unemployed persons for now. Roma community already more than two ... Read More »


This year’s 58th International Belgrade Book Fair was held between 20th and 27th October 2013 with slogan “Spaces of Freedom” that implies that book and literature and sort of area of freedom, area of imagination, which don’t know borders and limitations. Besides that, slogan implies both power of book to change social reality, to fight against every form of non-freedom. ... Read More »


Ljudi su izumeli pismo da bi mogli svoju usmenu reč zapisati i sačuvati je za potomstvo. Tako su ljudi u prvo vreme činili samo kratke zapise. Docnije, a naročito sa pronalaskom štamparije, pisana reč i knjiga dobijaju veliki značaj u kulturnom i privrednom razvitku naroda. Kad govorimo, mi čujemo govorne glasove, a kad pišemo, mi govorne glasove beležimo znacima koji ... Read More »