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7.2.2014. – OK radio: Anti-discriminatory campaign of Center E8

Premiere of theater performance “Germany” will be held on Sunday in gymnasium “Bora Stankovic” in Vranje. Performance is realized within the project Anti-discriminatory campaign that is being realized by NGO Center E8. Project is directed towards young Roma men, Roma women and non-Roma population on the south of Serbia. According to co-authors Vojislav Arsic and Milena Bogavac, performance “Germany” is ... Read More »

17.1.2014. – Radio Slobodna Evropa: Nazif Mujic got rejected asylum request in Germany

Gainer of award for the best main male role on 63rd movie festival in Berlin, Nazif Mujic, didn’t get the asylum in Germany, reports BH Radio 1. Nazif Mujic and his wife Senada with children got famous in the movie “Episode in the life of iron picker” of Sarajevo’s director Danis Tanovic. Nazif won award by playing himself in fight ... Read More »

17.1.2014. – B92: Bozovic about fight with false asylum seekers

Since 2011 6,300 persons had been returned from the border who didn’t fulfill condition for exiting Serbia, and more than 98% of requests for asylum that our citizens submitted had been rejected. That’s what said state secretary in MIA Vladimir Bozovic while discussing the issue of so-called “false asylum seekers” with the officer for connection of Federal police in German ... Read More »