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22.1.2014. – balkaninside.com: Romania must pay for beggars, Swedish politicians say

Romania should foot the bill for its citizens who travel to Sweden to beg, two prominent Liberal Party politicians have said as they admonished certain EU countries for not taking care of their poorest citizens. “It`s time for the bill to end up where it belongs“, two top Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) politicians argued in the op-ed pages of the Dagens ... Read More »

12.1.2014. – Al Jazeera Balkans: EU fears from the ‘tourism of social benefits’

From January 1st Romanians and Bulgarians may freely look for a job across the Europe. However, fear and panic amongst old, rich members doesn’t abate. Some politicians warn on invasion of poor ones, Roma and professional beggars, and danger for their social systems. Source: http://balkans.aljazeera.com/video/eu-strahuje-od-turizma-socijalnih-beneficija Read More »