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8.7.2014, bhstring.net – Awareness about necessity of education is raising

Integration of Roma pupils into the educational system of Tuzla canton and Brcko district of BiH had been a subject of today’s press conference that was held in SKPC “Mejdan”. Mehmed Mujic, president of the Association of citizens “Evropski put Roma” Tuzla and Cazim Salihovic, president of the Association of citizens “Romi na djelu” from Brcko have spoken to present ... Read More »

25.6.2014, inkluzija.gov.rs – Education – road to easier employment

Education is not a magic wand for decrease of unemployment, but it is a tool which should serve for decreasing of that issue, it’s conclusion that may be recapped from the research on working status of students who gratuated in 2007 and 2012 on universities and higher schools in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The highest insurance against unemployment ... Read More »

6.6.2014, inkluzija.gov.rs – Positive discrimination, incentives and white bears

Far away from the eyes of cultural and educational elite of Belgrade which is still the impregnable challenge to not call Roma Gypsies, Roma are in its small communities next to which they live (and not in which they live) met everyday not only with discrimination on the racial grounds, but also with physical violence in any attempt to integrate ... Read More »

28.5.2014, NIAR – Education for human rights is a strategy that leads towards human security

Human security is having for goal protection of human rights, by preventing conflicts and solving deep causes of insecurity and vulnerability. Strategy of human security tends towards establishing of global political culture based on human rights. In that context, education for human rights is a strategy that leads towards human security, because it strengthens people to look for solution of ... Read More »

27.5.2014, inkluzija.gov.rs – Participate on second conference about special educational needs and inclusive education

British Council in Serbia organizes Second conference about special educational needs and inclusive education. Event will be held on Saturday, 14th June 2014 in Belgrade’s Sava Centar. Conference is divided in two parts – plenary and workshop, and it is being realized with objective to highlight the importance of inclusive education and adequate training of tutors who perform such teaching. ... Read More »

28.1.2014. – inkluzija.gov.rs: High professional education for social inclusion

Regional project, started in 2012, from side of the European Training Foundation (ETF), is successfully finished. Within the project had been published nine national reports regarding the role of high professional education in fight against social exclusion and creation of social cohesion. Objective of the project was to deepen the understanding of existing barriers and potential opportunities for creation of ... Read More »

22.1.2014. – Al Jazeera Balkans: Education, the greatest challenge for Roma in Europe

Education is for many Roma children a key for breaking the barrier of prejudges and poverty. One of the challenges with which are being faced the greatest European minority, Roma, is education. Education is for many Roma children a key for breaking the barrier of prejudges and poverty. In third part of Al Jazeera’s series about Roma in Europe, Laurence ... Read More »

12.1.2014. – Nezavisne novine: Free preparatory program for first-grade pupils

In Primary school /OS/ “Kozarac” in Kozarac and in five objects of Children kindergarten “Radost” in Prijedor this year will be organized free preparatory school program for children who go on autumns in first grade, it was told for Srna in the Ministry of education and culture of Republika Srpska. Program “Increase possibilities of children in BiH for early learning” ... Read More »

11.1.2014. – inkluzija.gov.rs: Inclusive education from 5th to 8th grade

Writes: Dragana Malidzan Vinkic (Blog about social inclusion) Seven years ago, when I’ve started working in OS “Isidora Sekulic” Pancevo as a teacher of Serbian language, I’ve met with pupils who had obvious difficulties in learning. They weren’t for individualization, inclusion didn’t exist in educational system, and me, as a beginner, didn’t have enough self-confidence to try something completely different. ... Read More »

7.1.2014. – Deutsche Welle: Roma illiteracy rate grows

Deteriorating Roma situation in South-eastern Europe, as well as increasing percentage of illiterate Roma, especially in Bulgaria, is – besides Albanian guest workers in Greece, one of subjects about which writes magazine on German language. “Education, education, education?”, it’s the title of article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitungu (FAZ), in which author looks back to bad Roma educational situation in South-eastern ... Read More »