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17.6.2014, BBC – France’s Hollande condemns attack on Roma teenager

French President Francois Hollande has condemned a lynch mob attack which left a Roma (Gypsy) teenager badly injured on a Paris housing estate. A mob took the 16-year-old from a Roma camp in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine on Friday after he was accused by locals of burglary, a police source said. The 200 or so people in the camp fled the area the ... Read More »

23.5.2014, ERRC – The European Court of Human Rights is Questioning France’s Evictions Policy

The European Roma Rights Centre welcomes the European Court of Human Rights’ decision to hear the case of Hirtu and others v France, about the forced eviction of Romani families in early 2013. In response to complaints from Roma forcibly evicted from their homes, the Court will scrutinise France’s practice of forced evictions, and the way the French courts have responded ... Read More »

20.5.2014, updatednews.ca – France’s National Front Winning Over Voters

The far-right Front National could become the strongest party in France in the European elections. The party has changed its image since Marine Le Pen took over. It’s now seen as younger and more middle-class. Marine Le Pen took over the position from her father Jean-Marie in 2011. “Marine Le Pen has more chances to be elected than her father ... Read More »

5.2.2014. – rfi.fr: Young Roma gain work experience in France

Since 1 January Romanians and Bulgarians have been to apply for any job in Europe. This includes France’s estimated 20,000-30,000 Roma. But few have had regular schooling and many cannot read and write French, so job opportunities are limited, plus there’s discrimination. The recently launched Romcivic project aims to give young Roma living in the slums work experience … helping other members ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – EurActiv: France on the way to ratify Charter for minority languages

France is on the way to, after multiyear delay, ratify the European Charter on regional and minority languages. French Parliament has removed at the end of January great obstacle for that, but, for Charter to come to power, Constitution will have to be changes, which is never an easy task. Besides France, 10 more EU members didn’t ratify a Charter. ... Read More »

31.1.2014. – RFI: France deports fewer illegal immigrants in 2013

French Interior minister Manuel Valls has announced that 27,000 illegal immigrants were deported in 2013, 9,000 fewer than in 2012. Some 46,000 undocumented immigrants were given papers to stay, 10,000 more than the previous year, the figures, published Friday, showed. They are the first official review of government migration policy since François Hollande came to power in May 2012. Source ... Read More »

24.1.2014. – Independent: French MP avoids jail after saying Hitler “maybe didn’t kill enough” Roma gypsies

A French MP has avoided jail after he was caught on camera saying “Hitler maybe didn’t kill enough of them” during an altercation with a Roma community close to the town he is mayor of. After the video was widely broadcast across France, Bourdouleix was charged with ‘condoning crimes against humanity’, and was on Thursday found guilty. He was handed ... Read More »