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31.1.2014. – ERIO: ERIO’s recommendations to the Greek EU Presidency

From January until June 2014,  Greece  takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union,  completing  the  term  of  the  trio  Ireland-Lithuania-Greece.  The  Greek  Presidency  takes place  at  a  time  where  the  EU  is  facing  a  worrying  rise  in  racism,  xenophobia,  right-wing extremist and fascist parties within a context of an economic crisis. Some important progress has been ... Read More »

28.1.2014. – theparliament.com: EU has ‘unique’ opportunity to return to founding principles

The EU must use 2014 to shape the future of human rights protection and put people before politics, says Nicolas Beger. On 16 May 1949 in Strasbourg, Robert Schuman spoke of the ‘European spirit’ and the values of Europe. This led to the guiding EU principles of democracy, human rights, non-discrimination, justice, freedom and equality. It was these principles that ... Read More »