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21.5.2014, Council of Europe – Seminar of the Council of Europe’s Anti-Racism Commission (ECRI) for national independent authorities combating racism and intolerance

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) organises a seminar for national independent authorities combating racism and intolerance to review examples of partnerships between these institutions and local authorities in countering hate speech and racist and homo/transphobic violence and in facilitating the integration of vulnerable groups. Date: 22-23 May 2014 Venue: Strasbourg – Council of Europe, Agora Building Organised ... Read More »

23.1.2014. – fra.europa.eu: FRA speaks in European Parliament on hate crime in the European Union

Hate crime poses a very real challenge to the EU’s core values of democracy, justice, solidarity and equality, the FRA told a meeting at the European Parliament on 22 January. “By breeding intolerance, [hate crime] puts at risk the inclusive and sustainable growth that is at the heart of Europe’s 2020 strategy. A society in which intolerance and hate crime ... Read More »

19.1.2014. – Al Jazeera Balkans: European intolerance towards Roma

Across the Europe, feelings of intolerance have extremely strengthened towards immigrants, especially mostly since World War II. Ethnic tensions are the strongest in Central Europe. Roma minority suffers discrimination and strong poverty already for centuries. Laurence Lee visited Slovakia and Hungary, where Roma are the most numerous. This is first out of three series of Al Jazeera’s story in which ... Read More »