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27.5.2014, NIAR – NIAR congratulated to Roma representatives on election into the European Parliament

“Although you had been elected in front of parties in which you are politically active, Soraya Post in Sweden and Damian Dragici in Romania, you are representing the voice of all Roma in Europe”, it is said in congratulation that was sent on behalf of NIAR by Bajram Haliti, president of the Journalistic-informative agency of Roma. As the NIAR already ... Read More »

23.5.2014, NIAR – Telegram to the president and Government of Serbia

Regardin the tragedy that h tragedije kojait Serbia and besides immeasurable damage caused the loss of human lifes, Journalistic-informative agency of Roma sent a telegram of condolence to the president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic and prime-minister Aleksandar Vucic. Bajram Haliti, editor in chief, on behalf of all NIAR’s associates from country and abroad in the text of telegram expressed the ... Read More »


This year’s 58th International Belgrade Book Fair was held between 20th and 27th October 2013 with slogan “Spaces of Freedom” that implies that book and literature and sort of area of freedom, area of imagination, which don’t know borders and limitations. Besides that, slogan implies both power of book to change social reality, to fight against every form of non-freedom. ... Read More »