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8.1.2014. – Blic: Mechanism for possible urgent return of visa regime comes to force tomorrow

Mechanism for possible urgent return of visa regime, on six month, for countries of Western Balkans, comes to force tomorrow, but for now there are no special requests from EU countries members to do that, it was said today in European Commission in Brussels. EC press representative Michele Cercone said that “there hadn’t been new developments in last three weeks”. Earlier ... Read More »

7.1.2014. – Telegraf: Repeated introduction of visas serious possibility

When official data about number of asylum seekers occur, Serbia will for sure be in top half of countries, and issue of fake asylum seekers can’t be solved without understanding of EU and its members. Announcements of possible abolition of non-visa regime of Serbia with EU, due to increased number of fake asylum seekers are most serious until now. Changed ... Read More »