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23.1.2014. – BLIC: Olah Vince asks for help from the Office for minorities’ rights

Activist for protection of Roma rights Olah Vince asked today in the letter from deputy in Government Office for human and minorities’ rights Dragoljub Ackovic to protect him from, as he said, persecution to which he is exposed, and accused authorities in Novi Sad that they excluded Roma organization from the allocation of funds dedicated for culture. – I am ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – RTV: I didn’t falsely report attack, they are setting me up

Activist for protection of Roma rights and musician Olah Vince announced today that “perfectly set story” is behind the police announcement in which are announced criminal charges against him because allegedly he falsely reported attack on himself. Vince said to journalists that he don’t want to call over anyone because of that specifically, but he added that in multiple occasions ... Read More »

13.1.2014. – RTS: Criminal charges against Olah Vince

Due to suspicion that he falsely reported that two men attacked him and insulted on national basis, criminal charges will be submitted against Roma activist Olah Vince, Novi Sad’s police announces. Novi Sad’s police will submit criminal charges against ROma activist Olah VInce due to the reasonable suspicion that he falsely reported to police that two men attacked him, insulted ... Read More »

9.1.2014. – Radio Slobodna Evropa: Assault on Roma activist – Novi Sad is not a safe city

After assault on Roma activist Olah Vince again is discussed about relapse to 90s. Inglorious Novi Sad’s title, which was proclaimed as the most dangerous town in Serbia if it’s monitored a number of criminal acts per citizen, only amplifies the feeling of unsafety in this city. Novi Sad – safe city, it was a slogan that was mentioned in ... Read More »

8.1.2014. – Dnevnik: Vucevic condemned assault on Olah Vince

Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic condemned assault on Olah Vince, Roma activist and gainer of city of Novi Sad award, who was beaten in settlement Telep. “I strongly condemn violence over man who is prominent citizen of Novi Sad and who was brutally attacked in his own town. This act of violence against one man followed with intimidation must ... Read More »

8.1.2014. – RTV: Roma activist Olah Vince beaten up

Unkown men attacked Roma activist and musician from Novi Sad Olah Vince in that town in, as Vince said, “classical ambush”. Olah Vince told to Beta agency that the night before last, Christmas Eve, he was walking with his wife, when in front of their house in settlement Telep four men waited them with two more in house’s yard. “They ... Read More »