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30.5.2014, Novi Magazin – It’s urgent to relocate people from shelters without daylight and ventilation

Company Public shelters proposes urgent relocation of group of citizens of Roma nationality who are settled in the shelter in street Goce Delceva 46 in Novi Beograd. In letter by Shelter’s director Vladan Skadric is stated that group of twenty children and 11 men and women is settled in late evening 23rd May on request of director of Center for ... Read More »

7.2.2014. – Telegraf: SETTLEMENTS LIKE FROM HORROR: Where the Roma dissapeared?KAO IZ HORORA: Gde su nestali Romi?

In action of Roma relocation to various location, least of them came to Lipovica. They too got as the others equipped “containers” for the living, but as the time passed, it were less and less of them in that settlement. Today there’s no-one there. We research why. Fellow citizens of Roma nationality, who lived for years in non-hygienic settlements “Gazela” ... Read More »