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28.6.2014, kodex.me – Radovic: Roma are faced with great discrimination

Although some progress had been realized in relation with position of Roma in Montenegrin society, there are still present numerous issues that make this community difficult to integrate and have  more quality life. Roma still aren’t accepted from side of other citizens as equal, and recent researches of ethnic distance indicate that – where every second citizen do not want ... Read More »

24.6.2014, hurriyetdailynews.com – Roma band members complain against discrimination in municipality

TURKEY- A group of 14 Roma people who are members of Muğla municipality band have complained to Muğla’s human rights board against Recep Altınok, the head of the culture and social affairs department in Muğla. They claimed that Altınok has made racial remarks toward the band members who are of Romani descent. Muğla’s Musicians Association head Hakan Çelebi said the ... Read More »

23.6.2014, NIAR – United for Dignity Conference

United for Dignity Conference on the specific situation of Roma young people affected by multiple discrimination will be held between 23rd and 27th June in European Youth Centre in Strasbourg (France). The conference is intended as a forum to raise awareness of and to explore and formulate responses to situations of multiple discrimination affecting young Roma. The activity intends to ... Read More »

20.6.2014, Blic – Research amongst police officers: Roma and LGBT persons are most discriminated

All citizens deserve equal treatment during the appliance of law, regardless their belonging or qualification, believes 92 percent of police officers, while 47 percent of them don’t state what’s the essence of discrimination, research of attitudes of police officers about discrimination have shown. Members of criminal police of five police departments in Serbia – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica, Novi Pazar ... Read More »

14.6.2014, TV Best – Suzana Paunovic for TV Best: Due to discrimination many cannot realize its fundamental human rights

Serbia has realized a significant level of protection of human and minorities’ rights of citizens. However, numerous researches of international communities have shown that discrimination is present, especially towards specific groups of population, said for portal TV Best Suzana Paunovic, director of the Office for human and minorities’ rights. “Reports of international organizations, independent bodies for protection of human rights ... Read More »

4.6.2014, Blic – Petrusic: Shifts in fight against discrimination, Roma still targeted the most

Commissioner for equality protection Nevena Petrusic said today that in previous period had been realized positive shifts in protection from discrimination, but that situation in that area is still not satisfying and that there’s still a lot more job left in development of tolerant society. Petrusic said in the Assembly of Serbia, where she presented the report about work of ... Read More »

29.5.2014, Beta – Roma and women the most discriminated

Commissioner for protection of equality Nevena Petrusic said on Thursday that from the angle of citizens Roma and women are the most discriminated and that it’s worrying that one fifth members of bodies of authority don’t know that in Serbia discrimination is forbidden. While presenting the report for 2013 on Assembly of Serbia’s Board for human and minority’s rights and ... Read More »

25.5.2014, Al Jazeera – Canada refugee applicants fight deportation

Roma family forced to live in Toronto church, saying discrimination and violence await them in Hungary if sent back. A Jewish Roma family, who fled to Canada from Hungary, are fighting to stay in their adopted homeland. They say they have been the victims of violence and discrimination at home. But Canada has cracked down on refugee claimants and the family has ... Read More »

Bajram Haliti: There mustn’t be discrimination against Roma

Statement by Bajram Haliti, editor-in-chief of Journalistic-informative agency of Roma   5.2.2014. – NIAR: Editor-in-chief of Journalistic-informative agency of Roma Bajram Haliti welcomed adoption of European Parliament’s Resolution that provides a minimum of standards for Roma on the level of European Union for improvement of difficult Roma position, while saying that it’s the beginning of Roma integration without assimilation and ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – RTV: Beker – Medias are discriminating Roma

Assistant of Trustee for equality protection Kosana Beker said today that the greatest number of complaints within a year arrive due to cases that are related to the discrimination of Roma, which is among the rest represented in medias too. “It’s not the issue so much in terms that are being applied in medias but the much greater issue is ... Read More »