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20.6.2014, RTS – From collective center to its apartment

Collective center Salvatore in Bujanovac is closed. There until recently lived Roma relocated from Kosovo and Metohija in improvised barracks. On that location had been raised a building. “Poor conditions were under the tents and later we had been in the Technical school”, says Hajredin Azimi. Fifteen families from the Collective center Salvadore and five socially jeopardized locals got keys. ... Read More »

6.6.2014, NIAR – There are no developed capacities for planning and realizing of measures for the improvement of Roma housing

Local self-governments and Republic agency for social housing didn’t develop capacities for planning and realizing of measures for the improvement of Roma housing. Capacities in the Republic agency for social housing and agencies for social housing in local self-governments and other bodies in local self-governments that deal with the housing issue of socially-jeopardized groups aren’t enabling planning and realizing of ... Read More »

5.6.2014, Telegraf – Bela Kurina: Social flats for Roma in Novi Sad

One number of Roma families will be available to get flats for social housing too, which will soon be constructed by the Novi Sad Housing Agency, said member of the Novi Sad City council in charge for social protection and child care Bela Kurina. Kurina said to journalists that it’s about initiative for inclusion of the Housing Agency into the ... Read More »

30.5.2014, NIAR – Roma housing issue

Roma, whether they live in town or on village, live in ultimately bad housing conditions. Settlements in which they live are having the following characteristics: legally irregular status, insufficient infrastructure equipment, overpopulation and very poor housing fund, poor environment and great distance from the basic social contents and services. Besides that, majority of Roma doesn’t have required documentation about ownership ... Read More »

26.5.2014, EurActiv – Construction of social flats is solution for Europe

How can EU revive its complex system? This seemingly too difficult task is having surprisingly simple solution: efficient change in the way on which EU is using its mechanisms and tools, especially when it’s about tenement construction. We need small miracle that can provide return of investments, support economic growth and open work places, improve social justice and make the ... Read More »

21.5.2014, Radio Odzaci – Odzaci municipality included into the project for improvement of conditions of Roma housing

Based on the memorandum about cooperation, which was signed between the municipality of Odzaci and Organization for European Security and Cooperation (OESC) was established a Mobile team for Roma inclusion. Team was established with goal of improvement of communication and coordination of activities, as well of improvement of effectiveness of work of services that are dealing with Roma on local ... Read More »