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27.5.2014, NIAR – NIAR congratulated to Roma representatives on election into the European Parliament

“Although you had been elected in front of parties in which you are politically active, Soraya Post in Sweden and Damian Dragici in Romania, you are representing the voice of all Roma in Europe”, it is said in congratulation that was sent on behalf of NIAR by Bajram Haliti, president of the Journalistic-informative agency of Roma. As the NIAR already ... Read More »

26.5.2014, romea.cz – EP: Two Roma MEPs elected

Roma people will occupy a total of two seats in the newly-elected European Parliament (EP). Soraya Post, a Roma activist and human rights fighter from Sweden, led the candidate list of the Feminist Initiative to victory yesterday. Post will also continue in her position as Vice-Chair of the European Roma and Travellers Forum as well. The other MEP of Roma ... Read More »