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30.1.2014. – RTCG: Relation towards Roma similar as towards Jews

The greatest discrimination in Montenegro is present towards Roma, and latest researches show that too. That’s at the same time best image of condition in which that minority group is living, it was concluded during the regional conference about Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015 “Roma discrimination – challenges of anti-Gypsyism and multiple discrimination”. Minister for human and minorities’ rights Suad Numanovic ... Read More »

20.1.2014. – Dan: They work in utility company on black

Only 12.6 percent of Roma knew to state some initiative or measure that are related to the increase of number of students in schools. More than half of Roma in Montenegro, or 68 percent, believe that their position in society is bad, research called “Attitudes of Roma and Egyptians and other national minorities about Decade of position of Roma and ... Read More »

19.1.2014. – cdm.me: GA’s research – Roma in Montenegro are jeopardized in general

Roma are in general jeopardized in Montenegro, and authorities aren’t taking required measures for sake of their integration into society, Civic Aliance’s research has shown. Research was performed in period between 1st and 20th December 2013 in Podgorica, Niksic, Berane, Bijelo Polje, Herceg Novi, Kotor, TIvat and Ulcinja. Objective of research was determining the attitudes of Roma and other national ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – RTCG: 62 flats for Roma will be constructed in Niksic

Niksic will, by construciton of 62 flats for Roma, be the first municipality that will be solving in this year housing issue for that population with regional project that was made for Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, announced minister for human and minorities’ rights Suad Numanovic. He, after discussion with mayor of Niksic Veselin Grbovic, specified that from ... Read More »

11.1.2014. – Pobjeda: Interview – Zoltan Kalac: Domicile Roma need greater support

Government of Montenegro is working conscientiously on identifying of issues and finding solutions when it’s about position of Roma population. It’s also hard working in realization of established goals and very determined in that work – State secretary for social improvement in the Government of Hungaria Zoltan Kovac said in an interview for Pobjeda. POBJEDA: What would be your recommendations ... Read More »

10.1.2014. – DAN: Muhamed Ukovic – It’s time for party of Roma and Egyptians

It’s final time that Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro politically organize themselves by establishing a party, and in that way turn themselves towards their own interest. That’s what in interview for “Dan” announced vice-president of Roma council Muhamed Ukovic. As he highlighted, in Council they still didn’t lost a hope that census will be reduced to acceptable 0.35 percent for ... Read More »

28.12.2013, CDM.me – Ukovic: Roma and Egyptians on the margin of social ongoings

Council’s vice-president Muhamed Ukovic said tha tRoma and Egyptians in Montenegro are the poorest, the most uneducated, the least employed community, they aren’t present in the bodies of local administration, and that they don’t exist as political subject. “However, what encourages is the fact that horizons of freedom, justice and equality are broadening to marginal communities too. It’s true that ... Read More »

28.12.2013, portalanalitika.me – BUDVA: New Year’s gifts for the poorest ones

Municipality of Budva decided to buy with money that was designated for New Year’s greeting cards buy New Year’s gifts for children with disabilities, beneficiaries of social income and children of Roma population from the territory of that municipality. As it was announced for MINA agency from the municiaplity, on Tuesday will be delivered in the rooms of Red Cross ... Read More »