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30.6.2014, sandzakinfo.net – Veton Paçak from Roma party “Kosovaki nevi Romane partia” got only 280 votes and became a deputy

Something like thas can happen only in Kosovo. He became a deputy in the Parliament of Kosovo with only 280 votes. While the candidates from majority community in Kosovo need couple of thousands votes to get a position of deputy in the Parliament of Kosovo, candidates of some minority communities need only participation on elections. Therefore Veton Paçak from Roma ... Read More »

6.2.2014. – BLIC: Ugljanin talked with leaders of minority parties

President of the Sandzak Party of Democratic Action and minister resigning in the Government of Serbia Sulejman Ugljanin have met with representatives of three parties of minorities and discussed about eventual joint appearance on parliamentary elections on 16th March, SDA announced today. As it is stated in announcement, Ugljanin talked with president of the Rusin’s Democratic Party Miroslav Besermenji, president ... Read More »

27.1.2014. – e-novine: Minorities with Vucic

Few minority parliamentary parties announced announcement regarding the decision of Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) about early parliamentary elections. Representatives of Roma, Bosnians and Macedonians welcomed decision of vice-premier Aleksandar Vucic, while highlighting that elections are opportunity for new political chapter and continuance of accelerated Euro-integrations of Serbia, at the same time best solution for citizens too. Roma party forwarded public ... Read More »

15.1.2014. – Vesti Online: Our true mask for money laundering

“It’s possible that individuals are abusing position by hiding behind the story about minorities’ rights. Many of them hide behind non-government organizations that are allegedly dealing with Roma rights, but that doesn’t help us but only additionally aggravates the situation”, said for “Vesti” Srdjan Sajn, president and one of the founders of Roma party, while commenting the intention of Novi ... Read More »

10.1.2014. – DAN: Muhamed Ukovic – It’s time for party of Roma and Egyptians

It’s final time that Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro politically organize themselves by establishing a party, and in that way turn themselves towards their own interest. That’s what in interview for “Dan” announced vice-president of Roma council Muhamed Ukovic. As he highlighted, in Council they still didn’t lost a hope that census will be reduced to acceptable 0.35 percent for ... Read More »