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20.6.2014, romea.cz – Commentary: Active, emancipated Roma by 2020 is goal of Czech strategy

Government strategies are not usually the most attractive or readable of texts. As far as the position of Romani people is concerned, readers can find many government documents have been produced already, including the Strategy for the Fight against Social Exclusion or the Strategy for Social Inclusion. Now a new document is asking for our attention, namely, the Romani Integration ... Read More »

18.6.2014, romea.cz – Commentary: Czech Roma Strategy should support the Romani intelligentsia more

Despite all of the concepts and efforts expended to date, the situation of Romani people in the Czech Republic is deteriorating. According to estimates, 80 000 – 100 000 Romani people (an estimated one-third of all Roma living in the Czech Republic) are grappling with burdensome problems of social exclusion. During the past several years some negative phenomena have dramatically ... Read More »