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17.7.2014, humanrightseurope.org – Romania: Court rules on Roma teenager’s psychiatric hospital death

Judges say Romania breached the human rights of a Roma teenager who died whilst under a psychiatric hospital’s care. Following today’s judgement in the case of Centre For Legal Resources (CLR) On Behalf Valentin Câmpeanu v. Romania (application no. 47848/08), the European Court of Human Rights held that Romania was to pay 10,000 euros (EUR) to the CLR and EUR ... Read More »

17.7.2014, ERRC – Romanian Roma Victimised by New Evictions

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and Romani Criss are deeply concerned about yesterday’s forced eviction in Eforie, Constanţa County, Romania. Following an eviction in September 2013, ten Romani families have once again been evicted under the direction of the deputy mayor of Eforie without due regard for Romanian and international law. This time, they have been moved to containers ... Read More »

5.7.2014, Vice News – An Audience With the ‘King of the Gypsies’

On a recent blazing-hot June day in Romania, down a nondescript, potholed dirt road, a stream of men walked or stepped out of expensive cars. They were going to see the king. Dorin Cioaba had just been elected president of the International Romani Union, one of the oldest Roma organizations in the world, after vowing to take his people’s cause ... Read More »

20.6.2014, epha.org – EPHA visit to Romania

EPHA (European Public Health Alliance) participated in a country visit to Romania, as part of a ’Together for better health, for us, by us’ delegation to discuss with key Romanian stakeholders (including civil society representatives) burning questions on Roma integration. A field visit to the Romanian villages ’Araci/Árapatak’ and ’Hetea/Hete’ reinforced evidence that the Roma population is found at the ... Read More »

16.6.2014, romea.cz – Romania: Self-appointed king of the Roma announces virtual currency

Dorin Cioaba, the self-appointed king of the Roma, announced last week in the Romanian city of Sibiu that Roma throughout 37 countries will soon have their own virtual currency, the “lov”, which will be exchanged at a 1:1 rate with the euro. “We will begin with one lov valued at one euro and then we will see over time whether ... Read More »

12.6.2014, ERRC – Romanian Court Judgment Affirms the Responsibility of Authorities to Provide Adequate Housing to Evicted Romani Community

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) welcomes the judgment of the Constanţa Court of Appeal in southern Romania which found that the Tulcea municipality is liable for inadequate housing conditions it had provided to a previously evicted Romani community. The court awarded financial compensation to the plaintiffs for the moral damage they suffered. The ERRC supported the evicted Romani community ... Read More »

10.6.2014, ERIO – ECRI latest report on Romania: Roma rights still in danger

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) released its fourth report on Romania on the 3rd June. ECRI is an independent organ of the Council of Europe and assesses main trends in racism and discrimination issues in the Council’s member states. The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is pleased to present ECRI’s findings related to the Roma population, which ... Read More »

3.6.2014, Politika – CoE criticizes Romania for poor Roma integration

Strategy of Roma integration in Romania encounters difficulties due to lack of money and political will on local level, assessed today Council of Europe (CoE). CoE’s Board against racism and intolerance expressed regret because of “almost complete lack of national budget that should be allocated for the strategy of Roma inclusion”. Romanian national budget relies mostly on funding from European ... Read More »

1.6.2014, RomaReact – Exploiting poor Roma women: the network of illegal surrogate mothers and female egg cells donation

One of the biggest clinic from western Romania gets rich from illegal businesses, say Romanian news. The doctors from “Athena” hospital were selling female egg cells on the black market and they were providing surrogate mothers for infertile couples from Romania and Occident. 3oo Euros is the sum young girls and women were paid for their eggs donation, things that ... Read More »

30.5.2014, agerpres.ro – INTERVIEW/Jagland: I am glad Romania did not go down the route of France and other European countries

In a recent interview to Agerpres, Secretary General of the Council of Europe (CoE) Thorbjorn Jagland voices satisfaction over the fact that Romania has not taken the same route in the European elections as France and other countries did, setting a good example and showing that there is a culture in Romania of not going with the flow. Jagland argues ... Read More »