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13.6.2014, romareact.org – Let’s stop segregation!

The participants from the European Project Young Roma Civic Advocates went to Czech Republic at the end of May, attending to a very interesting journalism training course. The young Roma participants learned many useful tools about how to manage digital platforms for publishing news and reports, related to The Roma cause during the training, but maybe the biggest experience was ... Read More »

3.6.2014, Radio Slobodna Evropa – Mostar: Long-term consequences for children of segregation in education

Segregation and discrimination in schools across the Bosnia and Herzegovina leave long-term consequences on children, representatives of non-government sector and international organizations in this country are warning. They claim that causes for that condition should be looked in constitutional arrangement of Bosnia and Herzegovina too, for which they say that it’s developed on inherited discrimination. Opposed to that, battle with ... Read More »

3.6.2014, portfolio.hu – Commission presents long list of recommendations for Hungary

The European Commission has adopted a series of economic policy recommendations to individual Member States to strengthen the recovery that began a year ago. The recommendations are based on detailed analyses of each country’s situation and provide guidance on how to boost growth, increase competitiveness and create jobs in 2014-2015. The list of recommendations for Hungary is long. It addresses ... Read More »