26.1.2014. – Radio Sarajevo: No matter is it loaf or bread, just that everyone has it enough

26.1.2014. – Radio Sarajevo: No matter is it loaf or bread, just that everyone has it enough

With significance of bread, symbol of goodness and solidarity, we begin our third story about social responsible companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Small peace of this food, which many will throw without thinking to the garbage, means survival for someone else. Namely, in our country percentage of poor people is on alarming high level. According to the World Bank data from last year, around 48 percent of population in BiH lives on the border of poverty, while 18.5 percent bellow the line that marks critical poverty. Due to inadequate social policy, many vulnerable categories of society are additionally burdened with issues of poverty, which is also related to organizations that tend to offer them help.

Although the private sector is evidently more prone to social responsibility, we find an interesting example in Brcko, where JP ‘Komunalno’ shows on which ways is possible to show a philanthropic spirit

“Usually after our regular maintenance of green surfaces are collected significant heating material, which in cooperation with the Center for social work is driven to the most jeopardized families on the territory of Brcko district. Those are enormous amounts of wood, couple of thousands cubic meters annual, since in our jurisdiction are also parks and forests by the roads. One of our strategies is also employment of members of Roma minority, and currently there are nine of them employed with us permanently. We offer support to Roma community on other ways too, which on the territory of Brcko district counts more than 2,000 members, proudly highlights Nikola Simikic, deputy director of this Brcko’s public company.

Source: http://radiosarajevo.ba/novost/139356/Svejedno-je-kruh-ili-hljeb-samo-da-ga-svi-imaju-dovoljno-


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