Issue of inclusion of Roma children to the educational system

Issue of inclusion of Roma children to the educational system

BajramToday, at the beginning of 3rd millennium, Roma still aren’t event at the beginning of their emancipation. Still with them is very actual issue of bare survival. Roma, that most devastated, most persecuted, most humiliated nation, left predominantly at the very bottom of life in vast mast of illiterate, uneducated, unemployed persons for now. Roma community already more than two millenniums live in conditions of diaspora that hardly could be compared with diaspora’s situation of some other nation.

Century-long persecutions, discrimination and problems of Roma made this suffering nation to remain out of fundamental human rights, not to tell out of cultural and social-economic movements of European civilizations.

Roma, for now, don’t have schools in which education would be performed on their mother language. There have been some efforts in the countries of south-western Balkans to introduce Roma language in some schools as facultative language, but in general, that practice is still not expressed in normative acts and even less seriously taken into consideration as necessity of our numerous  environments in which there is a great concentration of Roma population in towns of some countries in which live many thousands Roma.

During past few decades, educational systems in the countries of Balkans and south-eastern Europe had been realizing national propaganda, which had long-term consequences. Even today, education about Roma human rights is still not institutionalized and introduced into educational programs in such ethno-centric context of Balkans’ educational systems, children who originate from dominant cultures are being traditionally educated to perceive themselves as different and special ones (and of course, the superior ones) compared to their ethnic neighbors.

Elementary calculation about duration of consequences of exclusion of children from the regular education shows that in next period will be born generations that will further “reproduce” illiterates and by that socially handicapped for inclusion into the modern flows of social development.

Bajram Hliti, editor in chief

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