23.5.2014, diskriminacija.ba – Equality is not a priority?

23.5.2014, diskriminacija.ba – Equality is not a priority?

In Serbia is abolished Directorate for gender equality under excuse that it’s not a priority regarding the economic situation in country, with promise that it will be found more efficient institutional mechanism that will be dealing with these issues.

Opposition and civil sector tried with amendments and appeals to prevent such decision, but without success and understanding.

Already on the first session of Serbian Assembly on which was formed new Government, parliamentary majority in Serbian Assembly with Law about ministries abolished existence of Directorate for equality, which was announced for days behind the scene.

Appeals of civil sector to don’t do that and that such decision may harm Serbia on the road of joining EU due to ratified international agreements were futile.

Source: http://www.diskriminacija.ba/ravnopravnost-nije-prioritet


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