23.5.2014, NIAR – Telegram to the president and Government of Serbia

23.5.2014, NIAR – Telegram to the president and Government of Serbia

Bajram Haliti fotoRegardin the tragedy that h tragedije kojait Serbia and besides immeasurable damage caused the loss of human lifes, Journalistic-informative agency of Roma sent a telegram of condolence to the president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic and prime-minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Bajram Haliti, editor in chief, on behalf of all NIAR’s associates from country and abroad in the text of telegram expressed the condolence due to the suffering of population of Serbia and amongst them great number of members of Roma nationality and other minority communities. “I am convinced that Serbia will find strength to overcome consequences and that we will all together again build demolished. Nothing can comfort families who lost their fellow ones, but it is our wish to tell them that they are not alone”, it is highlighted in telegram.

“Roma, out of whom majority is already in difficult social situation and left with nothing in this catastrophe, but that didn’t disturb them to collect from that misery humanitarian support for everyone”, it is stated further in the text of telegram.

NIAR has put since the outbreak of catastrophe all its capacities into the following of events on the field and gave its contribution to informing of citizens, and foremost Roma.



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