30.5.2014, The Japan Times – EU voters send a message

30.5.2014, The Japan Times – EU voters send a message

The outcome of the recent European Parliament elections is described in press and political circles in Europe and North America as a shock or crisis, but the actual reaction is better named hysteria.

What this vote has done is contribute 150 anti-”Europe” members to a parliamentary body numbering 751 seats in total, which has very little power over the functions of the European Union executive — the appointed Commission and the Council (the governing body, composed of ministers from member-governments, under a rotating presidency).

Furthermore, while some of the extremist national parties — Golden Dawn in Greece, Jobbik in Hungary, DF in Denmark, PVV in the Netherlands, Northern League in Italy, for example — are anti-Roma (Gypsy) on racial grounds or attributed criminality, guardedly anti-Semitic, or identify the Islamic religion and its adherents as enemies of European civilization, these are minuscule in number and followers.

Source (English language): http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2014/05/30/commentary/world-commentary/eu-voters-send-a-message/#.U4iiCPmSxUU


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