10.6.2014, ERIO – ECRI latest report on Romania: Roma rights still in danger

10.6.2014, ERIO – ECRI latest report on Romania: Roma rights still in danger

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) released its fourth report on Romania on the 3rd June. ECRI is an independent organ of the Council of Europe and assesses main trends in racism and discrimination issues in the Council’s member states. The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is pleased to present ECRI’s findings related to the Roma population, which was treated in a dedicated section.

This fourth report shows some limited progress with respect to ECRI’s last evaluation (2007). One of the main results achieved, as the report underlines, is the introduction of the racist motivation as an aggravating circumstance for all criminal offences provided under the Criminal Code. The principle of the sharing of the burden of proof before the courts has also been introduced by law.

Positive measures have been taken also in order to strengthen the fight against anti-Roma prejudices. The employment of Roma mediators in schools and hospitals, as well as the development of education programmes tailored for Roma pupils, are further key results.

Despite these positive developments, a number of shortcomings continue to challenge the concrete implementation of Roma rights.

Source (English language): http://www.erionet.eu/blog/2014/06/10/ecri-latest-report-on-romania-roma-rights-still-in-danger


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