20.6.2014, epha.org – EPHA visit to Romania

20.6.2014, epha.org – EPHA visit to Romania

EPHA (European Public Health Alliance) participated in a country visit to Romania, as part of a ’Together for better health, for us, by us’ delegation to discuss with key Romanian stakeholders (including civil society representatives) burning questions on Roma integration. A field visit to the Romanian villages ’Araci/Árapatak’ and ’Hetea/Hete’ reinforced evidence that the Roma population is found at the very bottom of the socio-economic spectrum. Roma in Romania and Europe suffer worse health than the other populations due to their higher exposure to unfavourable factors such as poor housing, lack of access to appropriate water, bad education and low socio-economic status which affects their health. The training, professional recognition and employment of Roma Health Mediators (RHMs) is key to breaking this vicious circle.

Source (English language): http://www.epha.org/a/6089



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