21.6.2014, Deutche Welle – Fight against lynch over Roma

21.6.2014, Deutche Welle – Fight against lynch over Roma

In one Paris suburb, one Roma young man is brutally beaten, because residents suspected him that he’s a burglar. Newest act of violence set ablaze again in France debate about relation towards Roma minority.

British newspaper Daily Telegraph was first to publish the photo with abused Roma young man: on it is seen 16-year old Darius laying in ambulance car hardly beaten. His face is disfigured and bloody, his clothing is torn and soiled. Random passerby found him, after tens of men brutally beaten him in one basement and then left unconscious in supermarket trolley: lynch that unsettled France.

Destiny of Darius is a mirror of two main issues of French society, which intersect in tragic way: impasse situation in suburbs and inhuman behaving towards Roma minority. Their illegal camps on city flaps are considered as places without the rule of law. Mishel Fukard, mayor of Pjerfit-sir-Sene, said that residents complain about increase of thefts since Roma start arriving. One day after assault on Darius, Roma started to leave its settlement.

Source: http://www.dw.de/borba-protiv-lin%C4%8Da-nad-romima/a-17726403

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