6.6.2014, inkluzija.gov.rs – Positive discrimination, incentives and white bears

6.6.2014, inkluzija.gov.rs – Positive discrimination, incentives and white bears

Far away from the eyes of cultural and educational elite of Belgrade which is still the impregnable challenge to not call Roma Gypsies, Roma are in its small communities next to which they live (and not in which they live) met everyday not only with discrimination on the racial grounds, but also with physical violence in any attempt to integrate themselves. It goes so far that when “children as children” mix themselves with other children, parent of majority population disallow them to socialize, so that they wouldn’t “infect” with louses, bad habits, negative values and all the things that uneducated citizen of Serbia assign to Roma men and women.

To be educated means one wideness and deepness of comprehending matters and independent thinking, or at least thinking at all.

Violence over Roma children happened in villages in surrounding of Vrsac and Nis, where annually approx. 30 Roma boys and girls would go to school and only few of them would finish it, because parents would threaten to children to not play with Roma children and perform pressure to village school because their children are going with “dirty Gypsies” in class. To make the thing sadder, teachers didn’t left behind, so they regularly maltreated Roma children. This is the part of testimony of activist Djurica Stankov who grow up in Roma settlement.

Source: http://www.inkluzija.gov.rs/?p=25367


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