30.6.2014, NIAR – Genocide over Roma deleted from history

30.6.2014, NIAR – Genocide over Roma deleted from history

Bajram Haliti, editor-in-chief of “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma”, said today for NIAR’s portal: “Genocide over Roma isn’t deleted only from world’s history, but until recent it had been also deleted from national history too. That phenomenon is simply left out in our books, there hadn’t been place for it not even in footnotes. However, it should be said that lack of scientific based discussions on genocide in former Yugoslavia is a lot more complex issue than it could be concluded from the first look. Science workers were left silent in front of the delicacy of situation with which they had been faced in one skillfully engineered revolutionary time.

It is obvious that without empiric researches cannot be performed theoretic generalizations. In the atmosphere of false enthusiasm about “brotherhood and unity of all our nations” there hadn’t been place for description of crimes that were horrible and incomprehensible to common man. How to approach genocide out of possibilitiy of its logical locating in any level of relation: man towards man, man towards God or reverse? How to explain Jasenovac and other concentration camps, moder death factories, whose existence meant befall of all moral rules, even metaphysical norms?” – concluded Haliti in his statement.


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