4.7.2014, Deutche Welle – Comment: Asylum only for really persecuted

4.7.2014, Deutche Welle – Comment: Asylum only for really persecuted

Is introduction of more strict criteria for asylum in Germany really so scandalous as critics claim? Felix Steiner believes that scandal is not in the fact that asylum seekers from the Western Balkans will be able to be sent home faster.

There are not even six weeks since the German Bundestag have celebrated 65th anniversary of Fundamental law (German constitution). On that occasion literate and orientalist Navid Kermani criticized with sharp words condition of fundamental right to asylum in Germany. Clear sentence “Politically persecuted enjoy the right to asylum” was replaced in 1993, as Kermani said, “with monstrous provision of 275 words, which had been confusedly laid on each other with firmly inserted sentences, only to hide one thing: that Germany have practically canceled the asylum as fundamental right”. He called on representatives to clean up the Fundamental law until its 70th birthday from that “ugly, ruthless stain.”

Two-thirds of representatives obviously don’t think like Kermani and they have accepted now the law that is based on that “monstrous provision of 275 words”: Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina from now on are regarded as “safe countries”. Practically, that means that requests for asylum that are submitted from the citizens of these countries will be checked less thoroughly and that asylum applicants might be faster returned to their motherland.

Source: http://www.dw.de/komentar-azil-samo-stvarno-progonjenima/a-17757709

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