4.7.2014, juznasrbija.info – Help for flooded Roma households

4.7.2014, juznasrbija.info – Help for flooded Roma households

Public communal company “Trznice” from Nis, in cooperation with the Roma association from Prokuplje and Expert’s service of local communities of municipality of Prokuplje, have provided humanitarian help for households of Roma nationality that suffered damage in floods.

– After catastrophic floods in Serbia, management of Nis city, which is a founder of JKP “Trznice”, have decided to put a fair area into the function for collecting help for flooded areas. In big action in which participated citizens of Nis, as well as public and private companies, workers of “Trznica” together with volunteers have worked day and night and collected approx. 300 trucks of humanitarian help, said director of JKP “Trznice” Nis Radovan Milojevic.

Source: http://www.juznasrbija.info/lat/drustvo/pomoc-za-poplavljena-romska-domacinstva.html

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