4.7.2014, RTCG – Roma and Egyptians shouldn’t abandon school

4.7.2014, RTCG – Roma and Egyptians shouldn’t abandon school

Montenegro – In the Ministry for human and minority rights today have been signed a Memorandum about cooperation between that ministry, Fund for Roma Education, Institute for Schooling and NGO Institute for social inclusion.

As they announced from the Ministry, Memorandum is result of previous very good cooperation between mentioned institutions and it will help Roma and Egyptian children to not quit further schooling after finished primary school.

“Objective of the Memorandum signing is improvement of academic effect and level of transfer to the high-school education and keeping the Roma and Egyptian pupils in high schools through providing of scholarships, mentor services within the school and more efficient informing”, it is stated in announcement.

Source: http://www.rtcg.me/vijesti/drustvo/57433/romi-i-egipcani-da-ne-napustaju-skolu.html

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