6.7.2014, B92 – “They refused to open account to Roma woman”

6.7.2014, B92 – “They refused to open account to Roma woman”

Four lawsuits and hundreds of procedures are result of volunteer examination of discrimination, says Commissioner for equality protection Nevena Petrusic.

“We have four lawsuits in which we use as evidence situations of situational testing, but also hundreds of procedures that resulted with giving of opinions and recommendations that Commissioner have realized”, said Petrusic for Tanjug, while explaining that situational testing is checking is someone who is suspected really a discriminator.

She highlighted that office on whose head she is got complaints of NGO which deals with rights of Roma national minority, because the testing have shown that one bank, anent Real estate agency won’t offer services to Roma.

According to her words, bank has refused to open account to Roma woman, while to other person, in completely same circumstances and fact they have done so.

“Regarding this case we have initiated a lawsuit for protection of discrimination, and based on evidence that was provided with situational testing we have also started a lawsuit against one Real estate agency because it refused to offer information to Roma guy on which apartments are for renting”, explained Petrusic.

Source: http://www.b92.net/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2014&mm=07&dd=06&nav_category=12&nav_id=873213

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