About us

On 15th December 2003 was founded “Journalistic-informative agency of Roma” as a non-partisan, non-government and non-profit organization, whose objective is education in the area of communications in wider sense (non-violent communication, tolerance, political communication…) and work in and with mas-medias; nurture of tolerant journalism in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual Serbia, support of agency journalism that respect values of truth, knowledge and criticality; education of students for non-discriminatory writing, i.e. writing without ethnicism, confessionalism, etc… preparing students for practice work in medias (agency work, research work, field work, studio work…), scientific and professional research of medias and raising of awareness about the content and protection of human rights, education of young people as well of members of non-government organizations who are in charge for informing and communication in its organizations.

For sake of realization of its goals, “NIAR” agency will especially, in accord with laws:

  • Be kind of school for education and affirmation of numerous generations of Roma and non-Roma journalists and editors, photographers, correspondents, camera-men, organizers, translators, animators and other personnel, out of whom many will later continue career as successful diplomats, publicists, politicians, etc.
  • Fight for the full realization of cultural and informative equality of Roma on all meridians of this planet.
  • Be a place from which will be spread Roma emancipation and affirmation.
  • Plead for the creation of possibility for dialogue – dialogue amongst journalists and readers, readers and redaction; dialogue amongst experts from individual areas.
  • Establishment and development of “NIAR” agency is a step towards future, while creating the media room for future generations.
  • NIAR will within other activities organize or enable press-conferences and meetings of politicians and businessmen with journalists.
  • It will plead for free reporting of various opinions; versatile, truly and timely informing; it will work on autonomy of profession and independence of journalists, protection of rights and interests of journalists; it will influence to all important questions from the area of public informing, foremost on adoption of regulations, cooperation with other journalistic organizations; encourage, cultivate and develop free, objective and professional informing.
  • Plead for the publishing of books on non-profit basis.
  • Deal with translating. Mentioned activity will be registered later at relevant state body.
  • Agency will pass in incoming years through the various phases of expansions and development.

In front of you, dear readers, is Journalistic-informative agency of Roma. Our and your agency.

Primary purpose of this agency would be defined best if would be said that one of its functions is breaking the prejudices about nation with whose life and creativeness it deals. That will be made both through the meeting of others and Roma themselves with what characterize them as such, because if you want to make some nation being accepted at some level, not to say liked, it’s necessary to meet its language, customs, beliefs and system of values.

Therefore, its purpose is to be a bridge over which will be brought closer, through the shortest way, without a mediator, culture of various nations and by that Roma nation too.

At the end, have in mind that this honorable agency is having for task to communicate with all Roma and non-Roma of the world and to spread on its pages love amongst people – because this media is media of peace and truth.


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