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31.12.2013, – Why Being ‘Gypped’ Hurts The Roma More Than It Hurts You

I never thought about the etymology of the verb “gypped” until the end of college, when my friend, lamenting his stolen iPod, said the word and immediately retracted it. “Isn’t that offensive?” he wondered. Until that moment, I had never thought about it either. What sparked our unease was the sudden realization that “gypped” was somehow tied to “gypsy.” “Gypsy” ... Read More »

31.12.2013, – Prague municipality says author of Czech-Roma flag exhibit abused state symbols

An exhibition entitled “Selection Procedure for Czech-Roma Flag” (“Výběrové řízení na česko-romskou vlajku”) has resulted in its author, Tomáš Rafa, being prosecuted. According to a decision by the Office of the Municipal Department of Prague 7, the artist has been found guilty of committing a misdemeanor, specifically, of abusing state symbols of the Czech Republic, and has been fined. Source ... Read More »

31.12.2013, Al Jazeera Balkans – Families from Kosovo ask for truth about missing persons

In war 1999 in Kosovo had been killed and missed 13,526 persons, however still is uncertain destiny of 1,719 of them. More about requests of families of missing persons brings Al Jazeera’s reporter Avni Ahmetaj, stating how not even 14 years after war is not known destiny of more than 1,700 missing persons from Kosovo, out of whom nearly 450 ... Read More »

31.12.2013, – Santa gives to agile ones

Humanitarian association Adra Srbije donated to the Educative Roma Center 185 New Year’s gifts that had been shared in period between 28.12 to 30.12 to the youngest members of Roma nationality who attend PPP program and Roma language on the territory of MZ Pescara, Zorka, Novo selo and Mali Bajmok. Source: Read More »

31.12.2013, Al Jazeera Balkans – Roma unwanted in Page Hall

“I can hardly remember that I was in any place where so many intolerance and anger was directed against one specific ethnic group in such small area. When people here would talk like that about any other race like they talk about Roma they would be described as sworn racists”, Lee reports. People who had been only one generation backwards ... Read More »