Archive February 2014

8.2.2014. – B92: Say NO to hate speech on the Internet

Ministry of youth and sport of Republic of Serbia has started a campaign and initiated establishing of the National committee for fight against hate speech on the Internet. Campaign is having for goal to put end to negative apparitions in virtual world, create more accessible and safer cyber area for all young Internet users. In addition, objective is also raising ... Read More »

8.2.2014. – BLIC: Meet the pensioner from Belgrade who found the elixir of youth

“Blic” and “Koka-kola” within the action of revealing local heroes “Spread goodness” presents to you Nada Dopudj (63), a pensioner from Barajevo who already for two years collect cakes, clothing and toys for children without parental care and for jeopardized families. Tireless Nada has actually made in humanitarian purposes until today 62 kilograms of cakes, donated 541 clothing objects and ... Read More »

8.2.2014. – Legalization of Roma settlements

Round table with subject “Creation of draft of Law about legalization of Roma settlements in Serbia” had been held in Nis Media center. General purpose of project is creation and public advocating for adoption of the lex specialis law about legalization of Roma settlements in Serbia. Housing center coordinates with work of Board for housing and it is planned to ... Read More »

8.2.2014. – Knjazevac in the project “Technical support for Roma inclusion”

Municipality of Knjazevac participates in the project “Technical support for Roma inclusion”, which is being realized in our country from side of OSCE’s mission, and in coordination with the Office for human and minorities’ rights and in financial support of European Union. Deputy president Dr Ljubica Nikolic has signed a Memorandum about partnership on the project on behalf of municipality. ... Read More »

8.2.2014. – European Jewish Press: Calls to ban Hungarian extreme-right Jobbik party to hold political rally in former synagogue

Efforts are underway to prevent Hungarian extreme-right and anti-Semitic party Jobbikto hold next week a political assembly  in a building that used to be a synagogue in the city ofEsztergom. The entire Jewish community in this city located 46 km (29 miles) north of Budapest, was killed during the Holocaust. The synagogue today is operated by the local government as ... Read More »

7.2.2014. – Telegraf: SETTLEMENTS LIKE FROM HORROR: Where the Roma dissapeared?KAO IZ HORORA: Gde su nestali Romi?

In action of Roma relocation to various location, least of them came to Lipovica. They too got as the others equipped “containers” for the living, but as the time passed, it were less and less of them in that settlement. Today there’s no-one there. We research why. Fellow citizens of Roma nationality, who lived for years in non-hygienic settlements “Gazela” ... Read More »

7.2.2014. – OK radio: Anti-discriminatory campaign of Center E8

Premiere of theater performance “Germany” will be held on Sunday in gymnasium “Bora Stankovic” in Vranje. Performance is realized within the project Anti-discriminatory campaign that is being realized by NGO Center E8. Project is directed towards young Roma men, Roma women and non-Roma population on the south of Serbia. According to co-authors Vojislav Arsic and Milena Bogavac, performance “Germany” is ... Read More »

7.2.2014. – Improvement of Roma position in Valjevo

“You are not here by accident. You are here because issues of Roma minority in your environments are so big and because your administrations have show until now the greatest level of interest and achievements in the area of improvement of life of Roma”, said Michael Davenport, ambassador of European Union in Serbia, to representatives of local self-governments on the ... Read More »

7.2.2014. – Provisions of law about national councils for now on power

Ministry of justice and state administration will send soon too all national councils information that, until the entry into force of decision of Constitutional court by which specific provisions of Law about national councils of national minorities are assessed as non-constitutional, existing provisions will be on valid, said today director of the Office for human and minorities’ rights Suzana Paunovic. ... Read More »

7.2.2014. – Open Society Foundations: From Crisis to Hope in Europe

By George Soros: The European Union is in my view the shining example of an open and free society. That is why the current crisis is so personal to me. I am very concerned about Europe’s future and the potential dissolution of its open society. I believe in finding European solutions for the problems of Europe; national solutions make matters ... Read More »