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7.2.2014. – The Huffington Post: Bridging Social Distance in Slovakia

The social distance between Roma and non-Roma communities in Europe is quite large. In other words, there is not a great deal of mixing between the two communities. Applying the scale developed by Emory Bogardus in 1925 – which asks people questions about willingness to intermarry at one end to eagerness to deport at the other — we see that ... Read More »

6.2.2014. – BLIC: Ugljanin talked with leaders of minority parties

President of the Sandzak Party of Democratic Action and minister resigning in the Government of Serbia Sulejman Ugljanin have met with representatives of three parties of minorities and discussed about eventual joint appearance on parliamentary elections on 16th March, SDA announced today. As it is stated in announcement, Ugljanin talked with president of the Rusin’s Democratic Party Miroslav Besermenji, president ... Read More »

6.2.2014. – Publication “Social protection in old age: long-term care and social pensions” published

Government of Republic of Serbia’s Team for social inclusion and decrease of poverty, Faculty for economics, finance and administration from Belgrade and Center for social policy published publication “Social protection in old age: long-term care and social pensions”. Authors are Prof Dr Gordana Matkovic and Dr Katarina Stanic, and publication is the result of work on two studies that had ... Read More »

6.2.2014. – RTCG: More than 300 children beg

Ombudsman Sucko Bakovic believes that the fact that more than 300 children beg on Montenegrin streets should at least upset and initiate them to, as soon as possible, eradicate juvenile begging. Addressing that issue is somewhat made difficult owing to the different evidence about how many juvenile beggars are, actually, in our country: “Basic issue is that bodies of detection ... Read More »

6.2.2014. – Free psychotherapy and coaching help

Association New Belgrade Group, within the project “Psycho-therapeutic network”, is organizing offering of free psychotherapy and coaching help, in duration of one month. Interested persons may inform about everything: – on Wednesday 16-18h on number 011/26 07 422 – on Monday and Thursday 9-20h on numbers 011/24 34 826 and 064/ 88 68 467. Source: Read More »

6.2.2014. – Radio Leskovac: Technical support for Roma inclusion in Leskovac too

City of Leskovac is one of the signers of project “Technical support for Roma inclusion”, worth 4.8 million EUR, which is funded by European Union and realized by the OSCE’s mission in Serbia, it is stated in announcement from the mayor’s cabinet. In cooperation with OCD Praksis, project provides support to Roma during the acquirement of personal documents, realization of ... Read More »

6.2.2014. – Student life – Roma Students in Central Eastern Europe

This year Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) is hosting more than 5o Roma students both MA students and Roma Access Programs students. CEU is well known in Central Eastern Europe for its higher education programs for Roma students. Currently there are two ongoing programs: Roma Graduate Preparation Program and Roma English Language Program. The former is an intensive 9-month program that prepares promising ... Read More »

6.2.2014. – London Evening Standard: Redressing the myths about the Roma

For bien pensant Brits, the correct term for gypsies is Roma. Or Travellers, if you must. Well, according to this engaging account of them, the correct term is actually Romani (which for some of us is just Latin for Romans) and individuals are called Roms. Yaron Matras is a professor of linguistics at Manchester University and an authority on gypsies, ... Read More »

5.2.2014. – Municipality of Odzaci partner on the project for Roma inclusion

Deputy president of municipality Biljana Cekic was present yesterday on the ceremony of assigning certificates to local self-governments and on behalf of the municipality of Odzaci she signed the Agreement about cooperation on realization of project “Technical support for Roma inclusion”. OSCE’s mission in Serbia, which is realizing the project with financial support of European Union and in coordination with ... Read More »

5.2.2014. – TV Best: Roma League suggests “lex specialis” for legalization of mahalas

By sort of “lex specialis” should be enabled legalization of houses in Roma mahalas in Serbia, suggested association Roma League from Nis. Association’s representatives suggest that Roma settlements older than 50 years should be legalized. According to assessments, approx. 100,000 Roma live in illegal settlements. According to the Roma League’s data, in Serbia there is around one hundred Roma mahalas ... Read More »