Archive February 2014

5.2.2014. – RTV: Education about employment of Roma in Beocin

Regional developmental agency Backa will organize two three-day trainings “Education about employment for members of Roma community from the territory of Beocin municipality”, it was announced from this office. On trainings will participate 30 persons of Roma nationality, who will pass the training about creation of business plan, legislative regulative for establishing and development of entrepreneurship, possibilities for acquiring additional ... Read More »

5.2.2014. – City of Belgrade: Supporting the programs and projects from the area of social protection

Secretariat for social protection has started few public calls for funding programs and projects from the area of social, veterans and disability protection, protection of elder persons and Roma population. As they say in this secretariat, in this way is realized cooperation with non-government sector and programs of public interest are being financially supported. Besides that, projects that present innovations ... Read More »

5.2.2014. – FXB Center, Harvard University – Violence and Attacks Against Roma Should Sound Alarms in the International Community

Harvard University’s FXB Center for Health and Human Rights released a report documenting “Accelerating Patterns of Anti-Roma Violence in Hungary”. The report is intended to alert the United Nations and the international community to the persistent patterns of violent attacks and actions against the Roma (pejoratively called Gypsies). The report calls upon the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of ... Read More »

5.2.2014. – Young Roma gain work experience in France

Since 1 January Romanians and Bulgarians have been to apply for any job in Europe. This includes France’s estimated 20,000-30,000 Roma. But few have had regular schooling and many cannot read and write French, so job opportunities are limited, plus there’s discrimination. The recently launched Romcivic project aims to give young Roma living in the slums work experience … helping other members ... Read More »

4.2.2014. – RTS: Agreement about cooperation in Roma inclusion

Agreement about cooperation in Roma inclusion is signed, by which 20 municipalities committed themselves to support realization of the Government of Serbia’s Strategy for improvement of Roma position. Project that is funded by EU is worth 4.8 million EUR. Agreement about cooperation between Serbian local self-governments and project “Technical support for Roma inclusion” worth 4.8 million EUR was signed today, ... Read More »

4.2.2014. – High unemployment level until 24 and of those above 40 years

Serbia is characterized with very big unemployment of persons older than 40 years, as well of persons younger than 24 years, it was said on 31st January on presenting of World Bank (WB) report about employment in Europe and central Asia. Report has shown that in Serbia probability of finding formal employment at unemployed persons decreases with years, as well ... Read More »

4.2.2014. – Paunovic on the signing of memorandum with representatives of 20 local self-governments

Today, with beginning at 12:00h in Sava Centar has been signed a memorandum with representatives of local self-governments within the project “Technical support for Roma inclusion”, for the sake of establishing partnership on the program of Roma inclusion. On this occasion will be delivered certificates about partnership on mentioned program. Project “Technical support for Roma inclusion” is a two-year initiative ... Read More »

4.2.2014. – Progress in Roma inclusion

Serbia has made significant shifts in improvement of Roma position since the adoption of national strategy for improvement of minority’s life. While speaking on the ceremony regarding the establishing of cooperation of OSCE mission and European Union delegation with local self-governments on the project of Roma inclusion, director of the Serbia’s Office for human and minorities’ rights Suzana Paunovic said ... Read More »

4.2.2014. – Govt assigns NGO to draft Roma murder compensation, says ministry

The government has entrusted an NGO to draft a scheme for compensating the survivors and families of the victims of the 2008/2009 Roma murders, the ministry of human resources told MTI on Tuesday. The government has passed a decree on providing compensation to those injured and the victims’ relatives and put Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog in charge of launching ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – juGmedia: Roma League suggests legalization of Roma settlements

Roma League has launched an initiative for Republic Assembly to adopt a Law about legalization of Roma settlements, as amendment of Law about legalization that was adopted in October last year. In Roma League they highlight that not even one out of four laws that had been adopted in last thirteen years in Serbia don’t offer possibility for Roma settlements ... Read More »