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3.2.2014. – Discriminatory attitudes present in institutions

More than one fifth of representatives of public authorities in Serbia don’t know that every form of discrimination is forbidden by law, and there’s great percentage of those who tolerate such behavior, that’s result of research that was presented by the office of Trustee for equality protection. Majority of employees in institutions is only declarative against discrimination and believe that ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – Roma on the east of Slavonija have re-socialized to society better then anywhere else

Mayor Karlic said that Roma from Vinkovac included themselves into the economic, cultural and social life of town and for 17 years, how much he as a mayor, never any citizen of Vinkovac addressed him with issue with Roma neighbor. Veljko Kajtazi, parliamentary deputy and representative of 12 national minorities, amongst whom is Roma national minority too, assessed after today’s ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – EurActiv: France on the way to ratify Charter for minority languages

France is on the way to, after multiyear delay, ratify the European Charter on regional and minority languages. French Parliament has removed at the end of January great obstacle for that, but, for Charter to come to power, Constitution will have to be changes, which is never an easy task. Besides France, 10 more EU members didn’t ratify a Charter. ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – Czech Republic – New law would mean thousands at risk of homelessness

News server reports that more than 3 000 socially excluded people live in residential hotels throughout the Czech city of Brno. A forthcoming amendment would restrict residency in such facilities to the length of one year but does not address what would happen to those who have to move away after a year’s time. Source (English language): Read More »

3.2.2014. – The Netherlands Is Afraid of Low-Qualified Bulgarians

If it were not for the Iron Curtain, for sure Bulgarians and Romanians, but also Slovaks, Czechs, Poles and all the others for whom the Berlin Wall was an obstacle in front of their economic and individual freedom, would not have been the poor relatives who endanger the wellbeing of their western cousins with their desire for better life, better ... Read More »

3.2.2014. – Financial Times: A prosperous Germany also worries about the cost of EU migrants

As dusk falls in Mallinckrodt Road, a shabby street in the gritty German city of Dortmund, two young men in hoodies are touting for work. “We are labourers,” says one, miming a bit of shovelling. “We can dig. Carry stuff.” The would-be workers have arrived from Bulgaria in the latest migration from the EU’s new member states in eastern Europe. They are Roma, ... Read More »

2.2.2014. – Telegraf: MARKET OF ROMA CHILDREN – They sell them even for 200 EUR and they don’t care where they will end up!

It’s mostly about sale of girls for marriage with agreement of wedding, but also there are cases that children are being sold in exchange for some material good, or even being rented for sake of begging. Depending on agreement, children are being sold from 200 EUR to couple thousands EUR. Case of twelve year old girl who had been sold ... Read More »

2.2.2014. – Thousands of Roma people participate reading contest of prophet’s life

A total of 4 thousands of Roma people in Turkey’s Mersin province have joint the countrywide reading campaign which encourages to learn more about the life of Prophet Muhammad. Mersin Intercultural Dialogue Center (MEKADİM) organized a meeting to introduce the campaign titled Herkes O’nu Okuyor” (Everybody is reading him) at the Mediterranean Roma Federations Association. The meeting attracted wide attention ... Read More »

2.2.2014. – Daily Mail: East Europe migrants bring surge in pickpocketing crime

Migrants from eastern Europe are being blamed for a huge rise in pickpocketing in central London. Police believe highly organised gangs of Romanian and Bulgarian gipsies – some as young as eight – are responsible for a twothirds rise in thefts since April. Between four and six eastern European pickpockets were arrested each day in the area around Oxford Street, ... Read More »

2.2.2014. – The Columnist: The Danish People’s Party has surged above 20%

The Danish People’s Party, which is led by Kristian Thulesen Dahl, who are vehemently opposed to more immigration from Muslim nations, is on the march as the leftists reel back in trepidation at the rise of the vehemently anti Islamist, Danish People’s Party. Migratory waves of Islamists from Africa and the Middle East, along with Gypsies from Eastern Europe, have ... Read More »