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1.2.2014. – Holocaust is equally rooted in mentality of Old Continent like humanism?

In week when we commemorate a Holocaust as an effort of elimination of one autochthonous European nation, many repeat that such genocide mustn’t be repeated ever, however, modern science is more and more often highlighting that Holocaust is actually the most terrible result of ‘European culture’ and industrial development, and instinct for extermination of others is equally rooted in mentality ... Read More »

1.2.2014. – Slovakia – Romani victims of police harassment testify

A Slovak court has just completed a two-day hearing into the case of police officers who harassed Romani boys in 2009. Four of the children and several of their parents have testified to date. News server Korzá reports that 10 residents of Košice have sued the police in the case from 2009. On Wednesday and Thursday at the Košice II ... Read More »

1.2.2014. – Roma are EU citizens too, Romanian President says

Romanian President Traian Basescu on Friday (31 January) strongly defended freedom of movement within the EU, saying Roma have the same rights as other EU citizens and should not be misused for populist campaigns. Seven years after Romania joined the EU, Basescu said that his country is still not “fully integrated” as it is waiting to be accepted in the ... Read More »

1.2.2014. – Czech MEP candidate wants to ban immigration into the EU

Klára Samková, a candidate for the European Parliament on the ticket of the Dawn of Direct Democracy (Úsvit přímé demokracie) party, is continuing the harsh rhetoric of party chair Tomio Okamura. Samková has released a statement in favor of a total ban on immigration into EU countries. News server reports that the German Nazi NSDAP party had practically the ... Read More »